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Alyson Walsh is the founder of

That’s Not My Age
Her mission statement?
It’s not about Age, it’s about Style!
And this is for every woman who refuses to be invisible.♥

– as told to The Silver Women

Photo Credit: ©Me Em
Photo Credit: ©Me+Em
Photo Credit: Denton Taylor
Photo Credit: Denton Taylor

 Why did you start blogging and create “That’s not my Age”?
I started That’s Not My Age nine years ago – because I felt that women over-40 were being ignored by the fashion industry. All the emphasis was on youth and being young and yet I was seeing all these wonderful, older people every day. I have always believed that it’s not about age, it’s about style. After working as a magazine fashion editor and writing all those prescriptive style rules, I just wanted to talk to women in the way that I talk to my friends. I hope That’s Not My Age is empowering and fun and offers style advice in a down-to-earth way. I’m lucky to have a loyal following who I am eternally grateful to because without them my book (s) wouldn’t exist.

Whose wardrobe would you love to rummage through?
Iris Apfel’s would be amazing. My favorite part of Albert Maysles’ film IRIS was the opening sequence where the nonagenarian New Yorker was getting dressed.


My Student card

“My ultimate Style IconThat‘s a very difficult question to answer! I guess if I was looking for a trailblazing woman whose timeless style, talent and attitude I admire it would be Katharine Hepburn.”

Women who inspired and influenced your style when you were a young girl?
As a teenager, I was into music rather than fashion. It was all very DIY in the seventies and I wore a lot of second-hand clothes and military garb. I was still at school when punk exploded and a bit too young (and uncool) to get fully behind the movement but it was a huge influence. My younger brother and I used to buy the NME (New Musical Express) every week and I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy – so a lot of my icons were men: bands like The Clash, Joy Division and David Bowie. The women whose style I admired were Debbie Harry and Patti Smith; artists who appreciated the importance of image and aesthetics, as well as music.

Who are the Women now? 
Oh, I’m quite fickle, I have loads: Lucinda Chambers the former fashion director at British Vogue
, for her unique way of mixing things up, Tilda Swinton for her otherworldy, androgynous style, the late Lou Lou De La Falaise for her ace accessorizing…

Photo Credit: Lucy Fitter
Photo Credit: Lucy Fitter

Has your style changed over the decades? 
Funnily enough, I don’t think my style has changed that dramatically. I’ve always worn jeans and trainers, jumpsuits and mannish jackets.  This is what I like to call Gentlewoman Style. The older I get, the more I appreciate this androgynous approach, where everything is carefully considered but nothing looks too “done”.

Do you have a “go to look” or item of clothing that you wear, if you have an important meeting or a situation where you want to feel empowered?
I usually reach for my ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Céline tuxedo jacket, bought for the launch of my first book and worn on practically every special occasion since (often with jeans or black Cigarette pants).

Do you have an item of clothing that you have owned for over 20 years? 
Yes. Levi’s 501’s.

Alyson Walsh's latest book, Style Forever: Mix it, Match it, Love it
Alyson Walsh’s latest book, Style Forever: Mix it, Match it, Love it

Latest trends…
Dislike…Over-the-knee boots. As worn by Dick Whittington, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and Kim Kardashian; take your pick. No, don’t.
Like…Sportswear and sneakers. I love the relaxation of dress codes and the fact that sneakers and sports-inspired clothing have become part of everyday-wear. I take a zero-tolerance approach to sore feet and there’s a chapter in my latest book Know Your Style on Fancy Flats – how to wear comfy shoes and sneakers.

What item of clothing do you think every woman should own no matter what her age?
A good pair of jeans. I’m a Denim Dame and jeans are the mainstay of an everyday outfit.

-Alyson Walsh

Photo Credit: Alyson in Leopard Coat by  Lucy Fitter
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