Caught My Eye!

Photo :Andrew Yee
Photo :Andrew Yee

The Silver Women is about celebrating women with decades of life experience. I am thrilled to be seeing and discovering platforms created by women middle-aged and older. Fantastic women who are refusing to be invisible by pursuing new ventures, and as I like to say, making aging look ever so cool. I am very fond of women with strong beliefs and interesting points of view. I believe it’s important to share these womens’, work as we have so much to learn from each other.
These are the women who
 Simone Silverman x

Nona Hendryx

 Since the start of her career as one-third of girl group Labelle to her latest performances at Joe’ Pub. This multi-talented woman with a career spanning over 6 decades, continues to create and inspire.
Nona Hendrix is always Eye-Catching


 The Founders of Lustre, Erica Baird & Karen Wagner are on a mission to present an authentic image of modern retired women. This dynamic duo certainly Caught My Eye!

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