Versatile, Chic, Classic, and Comfortable.
Oh, the power of a Kimono.♥

Photography Shana Trajanoska
Styling  Erika Ehrman
Models  Jocelyne Beaudoin & Walda Laurenceau
Words  Simone Silverman

I have always gravitated towards an item of clothing that you can put your stamp on and allow your personality to shine through. A simple wrap dress with no fussy buttons or zippers has always been a favorite. About two years ago I discovered a brand that made my heart skip a little beat. Hello, Datura!

Simple, flattering shapes, dreamy colors, and the most comfortable breezy fabrics that seemed to take on the personality of the woman wearing them. In my opinion, Daturas hero item is their take on a simple wrap dress a beautiful KIMONO inspired form in luxurious light as a feather silk. Daturas Kimono Robe comes in one of my favorite hues to wear, navy blue; however, is it time to break out a jewel color? Datura has inspired me to add a splash of color with the dreamy choices that they offer.

Why do I think this item is so unique? Comfort, versatility and the ability to take on many a role. (I like my clothes to be hard workers) The Kimono Robe can be casual or formal, worn as a dress, duster coat or merely another layer. Swap out the simple tie for a belt, add a statement earring or shoe. Depending on how you style, it can be super sexy showing cleavage and leg or worn with a more modest vibe. Perfect for travel as it is light, takes up no room, and suitable for an array of situations. And lastly, it is very forgiving and doesn’t mind if we have put on a few pesky pounds. Co-Founder and Creator Director of Datura is a beautiful woman called Stefania Borras. She has created a line of clothing that makes the woman shine, and the Kimono Robe is Daturas star! Thank you, Stefania, for lending us your beautiful Kimono’s so that we could play and demonstrate our love for this fabulous and versatile item. ♥

DAY to NIGHT and ALL occasions.


Jocelyne wears DATURA Kimono Robe in Dragon Pink. Shoes Adidas.

Our divine models, Jocelyne, (61 years old ) and Walda, (47 years old) were
The Silver Womens’ very first interviewees when we launched in late 2016. Besides their established careers, (Jocelyne is a Set designer and Walda an Acupuncturist) both have also become sought after fashion models in the past two years. How wonderful is that! Very talented gorgeous women indeed!

Both looking effortless and comfortable in DATURA Kimono Robe in drool-worthy colors. Worn here with old school Adidas sneakers for an easy minimal day look.

Walda wears DATURA Kimono Robe in Citron. Shoes by Adidas.

The Kimono Robe elevating jeans and t-shirt when worn as a coat. 

Jocelyne wears her own jeans, a white t-shirt with a metallic wedge. Walda wears her own black tank and slim high waisted black jeans with a short black boot.


52-year-old Erika Ehrman, (who styled these images) is a big believer in high and low dressing and putting lots of personality in your wardrobe. A clothing designer herself (Ernst Reiko) and fantastic artist she loves mixing up her looks with pieces she has owned for years, vintage finds and statement accessories. For this shoot, she mixed in the models own clothes, dug into her own closet and my shoe closet. 
(luckily we all have the same size feet). She loves to transform a garment and give it many lives.

Walda wears a pair of DKNY strappy shoes (from approx 15 years ago) that I acquired from a friend, who I do frequent wardrobe swaps with. I’m wildly attracted to anything dance inspired or metallic. And the pièce de résistance… is Erikas GORGEOUS vintage YSL belt from the ’70s, handed down from her mother.

Jocelyne wears ballroom dancing shoes by Freed of London, (I bought these about 20 years ago, they have been re-soled a gazillion times. I adore them) sexy net patterned tights, and a great black leather wrap belt from Erika’s own collection, Ernst Reiko.

Stefania Borras,
Co-Founder and Creative Director of Datura.

Stefania wears the Kimono Robe in Blushed. Portrait Courtesy Datura PC. Marc Regas
Stefania wears the Kimono Robe in Blushed. Portrait Courtesy Datura PC. Marc Regas

Tell us about Datura?

This coming May we will be celebrating six years of Datura! We make all our pieces locally in New York and in small batches. Our fabrics are of high quality and made from 100% natural fibers. We sell direct from our website to reduce our carbon footprint and to sell directly to our customers. Our styles are versatile and can be worn for multiple occasions; we don’t follow trends and design to suit many different body types, ages, and personal styles.
The name Datura was chosen in homage to the beautiful but poisonous flower that blooms at night. I love the duality between beautiful and dangerous, which is essentially nature and life.

You have created the perfect kimono robe. What inspired you?
For as long as I can remember I have always been slightly obsessed with Japanese aesthetics and culture. It was one of the repeating topics in my studies and has continued in my career. I was into martial arts when I was young, so I guess the combination of these two things have made me turn to Japanese and other Asian cultures for inspiration. I love the elegance that comes from their simplicity and natural purity. Like many of our designs and patterns, the Kimono Robe has come from this inspiration. 
I personally love the Kimono Robe. It’s one of my favorites; I think I have one in every color and have worn it on many occasions and in different ways. It feels special every time you wear it. 

Will the dress always be available?
Yes! The Kimono Robe is one of our classic, timeless styles. We have been making the kimono-inspired pieces since the very beginning, and it’s just a classic piece that will always feel beautiful and timeless. We always re-stock our classic color palette and sometimes add new ones – depending on the season. It’s one of our best sellers! I love hearing our customers’ feedback on how they feel when they wear it. Due to its shape and fabric, everyone says it feels sensual and feminine but elegant and classic all at the same time.
– Stefania Borras xoxo

Discover Datura:
The Kimono Robe is available on Daturas website.
Instagram: @daturastudio


Many thanks to the highly talented and kind contributors, Shana Trajanoska, Erika Ehrman, Jocelyne Beaudoin, and Walda Laurenceau.