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43-year-old Italian born hairstylist Romina believes great hair is healthy hair. Constantly hearing from her clients the difficulties in maintaining healthy looking hair, she decided to use her decades of experience and knowledge to create a revitalizing product.
May.11 Hair Oil was created ♥

– as told to The Silver Women

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Have you always been a hairstylist?
I wanted to be a hairstylist from the time I was six years old and helping my mother style her hair into rolls. However, I first studied fashion design. I’ve always been captivated by the way women express and translate themselves by the way they put clothing together. I dropped out the last year. I was bored at school and realized I wanted to do a job where the visual and aesthetic impact could be achieved in less time than creating a dress. I was impatient. So I went back to my first love and passion, hair.” 
At the age of 20, I began working in a hair salon in Bergamo. (my hometown) After six months, I knew I had to expand my horizons, so I moved to Milano. I interviewed with a very successful hair salon. I was very ambitious at the time; I remember telling them “I want to work here because you are the best hair salon in town and I want to be the best.” I had nothing to lose.

They agreed to test me out for a few weeks and then gave me the job. I immediately worked on refining my technique and expanding my creativity.  The salon’s clientele was amazing; celebrities, models and VIPs. Fabulous Women! I learned so much.
It was also here I discovered that it was a real job styling hair for photo shoots and shows. I didn’t hesitate to contact an agency that represented hair stylists. I started assisting. Then I received a call that the extraordinary international hairdresser Guido needed extra assistants for the Versace show. This was a game changer for me. It became clear what I wanted to do. I was in heaven. I could combine what I had learned in fashion school with my love for hair. I went to Paris. This is where my career as an editorial hair stylist began 2 decades ago…

Women, who inspire you?
When I was young, it was women who I felt were free in their thinking. Women who were unafraid to stand up and shine. The women I found inspiring from movies and magazines…Farrah Fawcett Jane Birkin, Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, Lisa Bonet, Princess Diana and Monica Vitti.
Their confidence evident by the way they would move: using their hands and flipping their hair. The complete ease in their movements.
Now I’m inspired by women that wake up every day; they have desires to accomplish, domestic or career, or both and make it all happen with passion and grit. Women who can set a bigger conversation and invite different points of view. I like women who make a difference and by doing so bring beneficial pluses for all of us.


“My deep belief in the power of botanical oils pushed me to create a universal blend that contained the highest level of nutrition and protection for all hair types” 

Tell us about your product …

The models I work with on set and my personal clients would ask me on a daily basis what products could help to improve the quality of their hair.  What was missing out there? I began to investigate the healing properties of Jamaican black castor oil. Over the period of a year, I researched and created a blend of oils that added vitality to hair. I wanted to create a product that was intensely nourishing. Once I had the formula I called my best friend creative director Romina Gil De Matos.( yes two Rominas♥) she came onboard and May.11 Revitalizing Oil was born.
The creation of the May.11 blend has been a wonderful journey and filled with passion. It has been an extension of all my experience as a hair stylist.

Is it for all hair types?
Absolutely! May.11 is for everyone. It was very important to create a product that worked for all hair types and had multiple uses. Depending on your hair thickness and length you adjust the dosage. It can be used as an overnight treatment to deeply restore, after shampoo treatment for overall softness and protection (from high heat styling tools) and everyday use massaged into hair to give texture and shine.

And the ingredients?
Unrefined Jamaican Black Castor OilUnrefined Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Pure Avocado Oil, Unrefined Organic Hemp Seed Oil. We are  95% organic and silicone-free. We use only organic oils with a superior grade. Its scent is a beautiful blend of bergamot and sandalwood. 

“Having good hair is a fundamental
right -you can achieve it by making the right choices” 


Romina’s Hair tips

  •  Don’t overwash your hair.
  •  To replenish, revitalize and keep your hair healthy, choose overnight treatments using organic products.
  •  Protect your hair from heat and cold, using hats and good hair products like oils with sealing properties.
  •  Play with your gray hair if you are lucky to have it. Don’t limit your style to just covering the color.

 Romina Manenti photographed in Brooklyn, New York.
Images by Simone Silverman
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