Photographed in NYC by "The Silver Women".
Photographed in NYC by “The Silver Women”.

Vocalist, Musician, Songwriter, Actress,
Visual Artist

Nona Hendryx lives a creative life. With a career spanning over six decades, she continues to perform and inspire audiences. In 2018, Nona was awarded the Vanguard Residency at Joe’s Pub at the Public, where she gets to not only perform but curate an inspiring series over a 1 year period.

Living a life full of creativity keeps this multi-talented Goddess ageless.

– as told to The Silver Women

Women who inspired you as a young girl?
My English teacher in junior and senior high. She taught me for five years. I was very inspired by her, so much so that I was thinking of becoming a school teacher. Other inspirations were Dorothy Dandridge and Mahalia Jackson.

Women who inspire you now?
Toshi Reagon is a constant in my life and who has introduced me to great fierce creative, talented women from different generations. We share and learn from each other.
Angela Davis, I have huge respect for her as a person and the work she does.
Astronaut, May Carol Jemison. Science and the cosmos intrigue me.
Monica Haslip founder of Little Black Pearl. She is a woman who has created a school, a creative pathway to educate all. I do whatever I can to help and support her important, amazing work. 

Did you know from a young age that you wanted to be a musician?
Music was always an element in my life. My brother was really into jazz. I loved listening to Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, and Elvis Presley. However, I wanted to be a school teacher. I fell into a music career.
I was asked to be part of a group. It wasn’t something I pursued. 

You have worked in so many different creative mediums over the decades.
Do you have a preference?
No. I enjoy being creative and working with creative peopleIt doesn’t matter what the medium is. I enjoy researching. I’m an explorer. 


Nona Hendryx Afro-Punk Fest Brooklyn 2018

“I like to be Creative.
It doesn’t matter what the medium is.”

Your advice to young women of today?
Follow your gut. You are going to make mistakes. So don’t put things off. Make decisions in life. Don’t put your dreams on hold or to the side. Do it now. 
Nona Hendryx

2018 Vanguard Residency – Joes Pub


Film: Blade Runner. The first one. I loved everything about it.
Song: It’s impossible for me to answer this
Place in the World: New York It’s one of the great cities of the world. It’s intense. It’s home. I have so many friends here and really appreciate it. I love Paris, Marseille, and London. I enjoy Europe. I like that in very little travel time, you can be in a different country and culture. 
Flower: Lotus Flower and Freesias
Skincare product: Creme De Corp by Kiehls
Lipstick or makeup product: I prefer nothing
Scent: Musk
Food/Meal/Cuisine: Fruit and Nuts! I could live on blueberries and cashews.
Artist: Nick Cave, Salvador Dali. Robert Rauschenberg 

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