Photographed in New York by The Silver Women.
Photographed in New York by The Silver Women.

Over the past 5 decades, legendary makeup artist, Sandy Linter has worked with many of the greats in the fashion and beauty world. 
Besides making up iconic models and celebrities, Sandy has always loved to play with her own hair and makeup. She kindly shares some wonderful images and tells us her beauty inspirations, and defining looks from over the decades.

– as told to The Silver Women

sandy Linter.Collage

At the end of the ’60s, I got married in a dress and pants from Etcetera a very popular boutique. I used lashes by the yard. I cut off pieces and applied on my top lid and then, absurdly, on my lower lid! Everyone wore false lashes and a pale lip.

sandy Linter- 1960s-TSW


A fabulous contact sheet of me with an asymmetrical haircut. It was shot while doing a job for Vogue. (Photo by Ishimuro,1976)  My bob hair cut, which I dyed dark red, influenced the editors I was working with at Vogue. The girls all went and got this heavy bang. (1975 private photo)


The bob haircut was influenced by ’20’s movie star Louise Brooks.


Smoking was still considered cool in 1978. I’m pictured here at photographer Scavullos’ studio in the makeup room. We had just worked on a cover of Cosmopolitan. (Photo by Joe Novak)


My inspiration was Jean Harlow. The teddy is vintage from the 1930s. Platinum hair cropped very short and the smoky eye is my own interpretation of that decade. (Photo by Danielle Cohen, 1978)



In the early ’80s, I had a fringed layer haircut, that went big in the summer heat and pink glossy lips. (Photo by Jerry Brandt)

 The layered cut looked great when wet, I kept that lip liner and pink lips on! This image was taken on Fire Island. (Photo by Stephen Knoll)

The black & white Polaroid of me with my makeup was taken while on a shoot for Harpers Bazaar. Strongly influenced by Debbie Harry. Bleached blond hair and strong lip liner.
(Photo by Bill King) 

Madonna was definitely an inspiration. It was all about matte lips &
 MAC makeup. (Photos by Palma Kolansky,1992)

IMG_8097 2
sandy Linter- Palma Kolansky

” Everyone thinks my favorite era for makeup is the 70s-80s but as you can clearly see,
I also loved the 90’s.

I had just received a contract with Lancôme for ‘Beauty at every age’.  Here I am in 2008 with model Patricia Velasquez.

(Photo by Patrick Demarchelier)


 Neat and pretty makeup and hair. I’m playing it safe for someone who is 67 years old.
(Photo by Jennifer Denton,2014)

Me Now

Who is your current beauty inspiration?
I love Kate Moss. I also appreciate the beauty of Christie Brinkley who I work with often. And, I cannot leave out my all-time favorite beauty icon, Debbie Harry. 
The one beauty product you would take on a deserted island?
Eyeliner. My pale blue eyes disappear without a liner. 
Of course, I’d also need SPF, hopefully with some color added to it, like Jergens Natural Glow with SPF. I haven’t had a natural suntan in 25 years. My skin tone has gone from warm ivory, that could tan in younger days, to pasty. So, I’d need that too. so maybe that’s more important than even the eyeliner.  
What is the makeup item that works on everyone? 
Mascara. I use it on everyone. It’s a magic wand.
– Sandy Linter xoxo
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