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Candice Forness believes in a holistic approach to beauty. Certified in Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage, she uses her gifted hands to create uplifting bliss for the face, mind, and spirit.
Candice’s knowledge and experience creates a treatment that is truly beyond skin deep.♥

– as told to The Silver Women

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Tell us about the treatment.
As a makeup artist and men’s groomer, I noticed a growing concern revolving around aging. My clients with everything …wanted youth.  Having traveled to India, I knew face massage existed and felt there must be a holistic natural modality.  After researching, I found an Ayurvedic specialist in NYC, studied with her and became certified in Natural Facelift Massage
The face is the delicate armor we perceive the world with.  Facing reality, facing time, facing ourselves.  Reacting to emotions, muscles trained by feelings. It is a huge part of a first impression. CONFIDENCE being the most attractive quality. My treatment caters to the entire holistic being.  Multidimensional beauty for multifaceted people. The treatment retrains the muscles against gravity. Fluid drained, muscles massaged and lifted we care for the physical. Reiki provides the space for the spirit to experience effortless support. The combination… DIVINE!

“I think self-care is IMPERATIVE!  Learning to pay attention to our needs and cater to them for our optimum life is essential to personal well being. Inflight safety constantly reminds us to put our oxygen mask on first – otherwise, we are useless. ” 

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” Do I think older women are valued & revered? 
YES!  The Crone is always sought for her knowledge. The simple fact we have lived long cultivates a wealth of experience.”

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Women who inspire you.
Strong women with a velvet hammer inspire me. From Michelle Obama to Dolly Parton. The women in my family constantly inspire me!
Women who have aged with graceful integrity.

Inez van Lamsweerde, Christy Turlington, Diane Von Furstenberg, Iris Apfel.
Aging gracefully is OWNING IT.  

When you meet a woman for the first time can you read her face.
Absolutely!  Being a makeup artist/men’s groomer taught me to assess skin quickly. Being a fourth generation healer gives me insight into the emotional/energetic state.


“Skin is our largest organ!
We need to treat it as such.”

Favorite skin products.
UMA, May Lindstrom, Pai, Barbara Sturm, Vintner’s Daughter.

 tips for women of all ages.
Hydration, sleep, and a healthy work-life balance.

-Candice Forness x


Candice Furness and her Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage can be experienced privately and at the following locations.
Shen Beauty
Jill Lindsey

Candice Furness photographed in New York City.
  by the Silver Women 
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