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French touch all the way.
Fashion Blogger & Business Lawyer, 3 kids, a few opinions and a lot of fun.
This is how Marquis Paris
describes herself.

– as told to The Silver Women

Has your career influenced your clothing choices?
Do you feel you need to look a certain way?
Well, when you start working, you quickly understand that there is a professional dress code. As the business area is mostly lead by men, I saw a lot of female business lawyers dressing and behaving like men. Nonetheless, I never gave into such a trend and I am sadly still surprised to see women torn between femininity and professional credibility. As if displaying their womanhood magically annihilated any professional credit. In their eyes and in everyone else’s. I really want to fight this by showing that one is able to embrace femininity, career, kids, love life, friendship, etc with no disguise nor attitude.

Marquis Paris

Women who have inspired your style?
With no surprise, as a teenager, I was impressed by Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy, the three of them encapsulating at the same time femininity, wittiness, distance with oneself and elegance. Fire and ice: I love that combo, much more interesting than the in your face or “one dimension” thing.

You have an important meeting or a situation where you want to feel empowered.
Do you have a ‘go to look‘?
Actually no. It depends on the mood of the day BUT comfort will always come first and it can be in high heels (or not), leather pants or a dress. I feel empowered when the outfit perfectly matches the mood of the day. For instance, if, for some reason, I feel grumpy, I will go for a severe look because it will perfectly go with the mood of the day.
Of course, I always feel empowered by an outfit with a great cut or fabric. As an extra touch, I must admit that a red lipstick helps a lot to feel powerful and feminine all at once.

Has your style changed over the decades?
Not really. Even if I was more corporate when I was a trainee or a junior associate, my style was already a little bit retro. When I was not sure about an outfit, I asked myself: Would Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy wear this? 
I am less corporate now and I obviously took distance with such references because it is much more interesting to pull together your own style as a reflection of your inner self.

Images from (photography: Cedric Doux)


“My thoughts on trends? 
To be honest, I can’t stand them. I love style because it reflects
a character, 
a person.
Trends do not have this power of reflection.”


Tell us about your hair & makeup?
The short haircut was such an obvious decision to make right after the birth of my youngest child: no more time to take care of my hair every morning. And unconsciously, I think that I wanted to avoid the bourgeoise-mother-of-three archetype and thus add a vibrant twist to my silhouette. As for make-up, I only use Chanel thanks to Mother Dear who repeatedly told the teenager I was: Only Chanel on your face!
It always has been Chanel – with no real questioning because I am not a make-up person – and it will probably be Chanel products until I die.

 What item of clothing do you think every woman should own?
In my opinion, a perfectly cut little black dress, as it is the most versatile item of clothing ever made: it works for meetings, cocktails and romantic dates. And even for school runs. To be on point, the trick is to know how to juggle the accessories and make it versatile: heels versus flat shoes, tote bag versus clutch, statement necklaces versus simple jewels, opera gloves versus naked hands, red lipstick versus nude lips, etc. LBD is actually girls’ best friend (and not diamonds, in my opinion).

Who do you think is the ultimate Style Icon?
There is not one, but many style icons:
Any woman who perfectly assumes what she wears and has this inner beauty coming with self- confidence 
and elegance of life and heart. 
A Style Icon is anyone with Aura!♥
Marquis Paris

 Marquis Paris photographed in Paris by Shana Trajanoska. 

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