Founder of The Silver Women

I’m very excited to present, 
The Silver Women, a platform for women to view and share their thoughts on their lives and aging. Interviews feature women, in their words, discussing the circumstances that have shaped and made them who they are.
I’m especially curious to learn who have been the female role models over the decades. Besides the first important woman in our lives – our mothers – who have influenced and inspired? What other real-life women, fictitious female characters and famous women, have made significant impressions or been valuable mentors?
Then the discussion regarding AGING … I will admit I spent my earlier years experiencing the slight dread at the prospect of becoming older. 
Was it all going to be doom and gloom after 40? Would I reach a peak and then just slowly shrink into decline? I would hear the phrases such as ‘Over the Hill’ and ‘Long in the Tooth’ and I would see the word anti-aging plastered everywhere.
I am now 49 years old. For the most part, I feel accomplished and refuse to put an age limit on any of my future dreams.I am comfortable in my skin, my choices are based on years of experience and knowing what works best for me and I have developed a greater empathy towards others. 
On the surface, physically speaking, is everything sitting where it once did? Of course not. My face looks best well past midday once I’ve been awake for many hours. My bra has to work harder than ever. Emotionally I’m terrified of losing people, especially family and good friends. However, I have a new appreciation for my health and the time spent with the people I love.

What would I like to accomplish with The Silver WomenHow delightful would it be if aging was considered COOL I’d like for women to age and be celebrated, instead of only being acknowledged and revered in their youth.
To not have to hide the number of years reached in fear of not being considered relevant or attractive. Hiding one’s age seems terribly outdated to me. We have made progress in attitudes towards women and ageism. Let’s, please keep it moving forward. Even though women over 40 will be showcased, The Silver Women is for women of all ages to celebrate our lives and be inspired by each other! The closing question in the interview and my favorite:
What is your advice to young women of today? My answer:  
Travel as much as possible. Be curious & listen. Treat everyone you meet with kindness & respect. There will be challenging times, don’t let them harden you or take the spring out of your step. Keep your face out of the sun!
I will now hand it over to the wonderful ladies who have kindly participated. So let’s celebrate women with decades of experience under their belts and continue to live full vibrant lives.

– Simone Silverman xxx

We are always looking for inspiring women who demonstrate that AGE is not a barrier in continuing to achieve their dreams and aspirations.
Please contact with suggestions.

 Kento Spanos, Riddhi Cidambi, Audra Kenney, Cari Ross, Jocelyne Beaudoin,
Andrew Yee, 
Craig Salmon, Martyn Thompson, Aaron Peasley  and of course  Ralph & Dimitra Silverman.